The word "Satsang" literally means clinging to that which is true or real, and is a word that is commonly used for spiritual fellowship in the Vedic tradition. In many indigenous traditions, spiritual quest involves the seeking of a qualified teacher and a period of concentrated study, service and apprenticeship with the teacher. In the Vedic tradition also, the spiritual quest is marked by going and submitting to a teacher for gaining the knowledge of oneself as whole and free. To assimilate this knowledge as oneself, one has to gain emotional maturity that one cannot know oneself without the help of a teacher, and an understanding of that the fundamental problem --ignorance of oneself. Self ignorance is removed by self-knowledge, by exposing oneself to the teaching for a length of time, and by cultivating shraddha, devotion for the teacher and the teaching.

The spiritual journey is a period of great transition. There is self-discovery and growth; and as one adapts to these changes, there is also self-doubt and vulnerability. Therefore, it is important to have time with the teacher, so that one's doubts do not hijack one from the path, and to surround oneself with a community of like-minded seekers so that one has the strength and the support to continue on the path.

The Veda recommends two life-styles for gaining this knowledge: One can take to this knowledge completely, drop all duties and pursuits, and live and study with the teacher. Alternatively, one can continue with one's life, pursue various goals, but have these goals consciously subserve the goal of gaining freedom from limitation, by committing to the study with the teacher. Technological innovations such as the internet have perhaps come as an answer to the prayers of many who have great desire to study but do not have the time to seek the knowledge as they work long hours, and also have familial obligations. To this end, there are various ways of furthering one's quest on this website. There are convenient on-going Vedanta and Sanskrit classes online using a state-of-the-art streaming audio and video technology. There is a forum in this section of the website that can help with the creation of a like-minded online community. There are also answers to questions that others have asked, and space to ask more questions.