Nandi, the BullThe Vedic tradition has a highly refined understanding of God, Ishvara, as the maker and the material of the universe. All that is here is pervaded by Ishvara, and therefore is sacred. If Ishvara pervades everything, it means that Ishvara can be invoked in any thing, in any form or function, ranging from the five elements to one's body-mind-sense complex.

Lord Ganesha

The ashram temple forms the abode for Lord Ganesha, who is always invoked at the beginning of all rituals, and is the manifestation of Ishvara in the form of obstacles, and in the form of the one who removes the obstacles.Ardhanarishvara

Ardhanarishvara is another manifestation of Ishvara as simultaneously masculine and feminine. This is Ishvara as the mother and the father of the universe. The temple also has a beautiful image of Bhagavan Krishna, who is the incarnation of Ishvara in the form of the teacher.

Daily pujas and special pujas are done at the temple. If you would like to offer a puja, or have a prayer done in your name, please use the contact us button on at the top and make a request.Bhagavan Krishna