Arsha Vijnana Gurukulum will have the following goals:

  1. To serve as a institute or seat of learning for the transmission of the Vedic tradition of the ancient sages, especially Vedanta and Sanskrit;  
  2. To bridge an important gap in the proper understanding of the Vedic tradition for the Indian community in the Southern Region of the United States;
  3. To disseminate the understanding of the religious and spiritual heritage of India by promoting study, research, and discussion;
  4. To house the Global Diversity Coalition of Religious and Spiritual Leaders, an organization dedicated to serve as a unifying force for all indigenous traditions of the world. In conjunction with the Global Diversity Coalition of Religious and Spiritual Leaders Promoting the MDGs, Arsha Vijnana Gurukulum will serve as an important seat for the protection of such endangered traditions and knowledge bases that promote a holistic worldview, and ways of life conducive to fostering the awareness of the interconnectedness of humans and nature. 
  5. To network with other like-minded organizations in the area.